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Day School 2017 MCAS testing
Day School Community-

Monday 4/3/17 commences our school's MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) testing.  The purpose of these student assessments is to determine the match between our school's teaching and learning of the curriculum standards.  The state requires all grade four students to take these assessments (English/Language Arts & Math) in a computer-based format.  Our grades three and five students will also be taking the English/Language Arts & Math assessments using a computer based approach.  Grade five students will also complete Science/Technology Engineering testing which is paper-based.  The Day School testing schedule is noted below:

Grade Five
A) English/Language Arts- Monday 4/3/17, Tuesday 4/4/17, and Thursday 4/6/17 (three sessions total)
B) Math- Friday 4/28/17 and Monday 5/1/17 (two sessions total)
C) Science/Technology Engineering- Monday 5/15/17 and Tuesday 5/16/17 (two sessions total)

Grade Four
A) English/Language Arts- Friday 4/7/17, Monday 4/10/17 and Thursday 4/13/17 (three sessions total); please note the original testing dates changed due to Passover
B) Math- Tuesday 5/2/17 and Wednesday 5/3/17 (two sessions total)

Grade Three
A) English/Language Arts- Tuesday 4/25/17, Wednesday 4/26/17, and Thursday 4/27/17 (three sessions total)
B) Math- Monday 5/8/17 and Tuesday 5/9/17 (two sessions total)

On 3/21/17 during a Cobra Council assembly I oriented students with the following information regarding the 2017 MCAS testing:

How do I get myself ready for the MCAS testing?
A) Participate in the MCAS Tutorials with your grade level teacher and Day Digital Learning Specialist Marianne Butterline
B) Participate in the MCAS Infrastructure Trial conducted in the past two weeks
C) Get about 30 minutes more sleep than usual night before an MCAS test
D) Eat a complete dinner the night before each MCAS test
E) Arrive to school on time (if late might be able to test outside class- space and proctor); or take a make-up test on another date.
F) Use your best effort at all times.
G) Answer all test questions.

What helpful hints will help me do well?
A) Listen and follow all test proctor test directions.
B) Use extended time if you haven't finished…outside of grade level classroom.  Must finish by 2:20 PM on same day test started.
C) Do own work, ignore work others are doing.
D) Students can ask for help from a test proctor to locate a tool or navigate to a test question.
E) Students may ask test proctor to read aloud selected words (Math & STE only).
F) Make use of scratch paper, with no more than two pages/student at a time. (ELA & MATH ONLY!)
G) If need more scratch paper, student must return paper already used.
A) Electronic devices aren't allowed.
B) Look at the work of other students.
C) Talk about MCAS if teacher gives a 3-5 minute break.
D) Uncooperative or disruptive students will be removed from class.
E) Talking to other students during testing.
F) Chew gum, eat mints, candy or food.

A) Nutrigrain bars optional for all students on day of test (provided by school office).
B) Only materials permitted are computer/test booklet, scratch paper, pen/pencil, and testing ticket.
C) Only one student can leave classroom at a time during testing.
D) Quiet school when you are in hallways…..might be a testing day for other grades, make-up sessions, etc.
E) If absent from school will make-up test when return to school.
F) Test results don't impact grade level for 17-18 school year.

1) Don't over-emphasize the importance of your child having to do well...rather emphasize best effort instead.
2) Contact grade level teacher, Guidance Counselor Trish Sampson, Assistant Principal Chris Sardella or I if your child is overly anxious about the MCAS testing.
3) Remind your child that they are well-prepared for the MCAS testing.
4) Highlight for your child they shouldn't hurry (no bonus points for early finish!) since they have from 8:45 AM to 2:20 PM to complete each test session.
5) Students will participate in supervised lunch outside of Cafeteria if they haven't completed testing prior to their typical lunch time.
6) All English/Language Arts testing must be completed no later than 5/4/17.  All Math and Science/Technology testing must be completed by 5/30/17.

Please let your child's grade level teacher or I know if you have specific questions about the 2017 MCAS testing.  All 2017 MCAS testing results will be mailed to families in the fall 2017.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!

Kevin Regan

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