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4/4/17 Day School update
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Last Updated: 2017/3/28
Dear Day School Community-

WEDNESDAY 4/5/17 SCHOOL SCHEDULE.....A reminder that Wednesday 4/5/17 is an early release day at all schools within the Westford Public Schools.  Day School students will be dismissed at 11:40 AM.  Day School teachers will participate in a variety of workshops relative to the newly adopted Math curriculum Everyday Math 4, Math fluency and exploring resources for differentiation workshop, special education best practices, Strategies and Resources for Differentiating Guided Reading Instruction, Access Testing webinar, Digital Learning for Art specialists, Makerspaces, Digital Learning for Wellness teachers, and Health Collaboration for Nurses.

GRADE FIVE PLAY TICKETS.....Attached is a form for you to complete in order to purchase tickets for the Day School grade five play "Dig It!".  The Grade five play schedule is:
A) Friday 4/7/17 at 7:00 PM in the Day School Cafeteria (tickets are for sale)
B) Saturday 4/8/17 at 2:00 PM in the Day School Cafeteria (tickets are for sale)
C) Saturday 4/8/17 at 7:00 PM in the Day School Cafeteria (tickets are for sale)
* All Day School students will see the Grade five play on Friday 4/14/17 at 9:00 AM.  There isn't any space for parents, guardians or family members to attend this performance.
Grade five parent Jill Trotter is your contact person if there are any questions about purchasing tickets. She can be reached at:

2017 MCAS TESTING.....After completing two days of the three English/Language Arts grade five MCAS testing sessions I'm pleased to share with you that these computer-based assessments have gone very well.  My observations have included:
A) Student effort has been excellent!
B) Staff prepared students very well with tutorials, practice tests and an Infrastructure Trial.
C) The collaborative effort of Day School staff and district staff that included Town-wide Technology Director Mike Wells, Director of Digital Learning Julie Baudreau, Technician Gail Anselmetti and many others has proven invaluable to the testing process.

FIELD DAY PLANNING TEAM.....We are in need of two parents to assist Wellness Teacher Erin Claycomb, grade five teacher Roger Whittlesey and I to plan the Day School school-wide Field Day.  Field Day will be held on Tuesday 5/23/17 (with make-up dates of 5/24/17 and 5/30/17).  Our first planning meeting will be on Wednesday 4/12/17 at 7:30 AM in Day School Conference Room.  Please email me at: if interested in assisting with the planning of this special day.  Assistance is needed identifying parent volunteers, securing equipment and supply donations, etc.  We will most likely have one additional meeting to be conducted on a date we determine at the 4/12/17 meeting.  I look forward to hearing from you!

STAFF DINNER…..A sincere thank you to Day School parents Julie Pepin, Jenn Noel and Nanci DiNitto for organizing the staff dinner on Thursday 3/30/17.  Teachers were very grateful to conclude their late afternoon parent/teacher conferences and then indulge in a delicious dinner.  The variety of food was superb!  Julie, Jenn and Nanci's effort and coordination of this dining opportunity is recognized and greatly appreciated!  
OPEN ENROLLMENT POLICY…..The Westford School Committee, through its Open Enrollment policy, provides K-8 parents and legal guardians the opportunity to request a student's enrollment in a Westford school outside of their district assigned school.  Such requests are generally made only when a parent/legal guardian feels that enrollment in a school, other than their assigned school, will best meet the needs of the child.
Requests for Open Enrollment must be made via a formal application completed by the parent or legal guardian.  Applications will be accepted on a “first come, first serve” basis and must be completed in person in the Superintendent's Office at 23 Depot Street.  Applications are available from May 1 to June 30 (Monday through Friday) from 8:30 to noon and from 1:00 to 3:30.
Please note that an application for Open Enrollment does not guarantee that a request will be honored.  Student enrollment and class sizes are important factors in determining if a request may be granted; therefore notifications will not be made until August, after summer registration takes place.
Additional Open Enrollment information is available online at or at school offices.  If you have a specific question, please contact Nina Mangan at

Everett V. Olsen, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools

EPIPEN RECALL…..A recall of Epipens in the U.S. has been expanded to include Epipens from some lots with expiration dates of April, May, September and October 2017.  All Epipens in the school clinic have been checked.  One recalled Epipen was found and the family is aware.  Please be sure to have Epipens your child may have in other locations checked as well.  The following link contains lot number details:

MCAS 2017 QUESTIONNAIRE.....For the last 15 years, the 8th and 10th grade MCAS exams have included questionnaires that generally focused on academics and students' classroom experience.  This year, the fifth, eighth and tenth grade MCAS exams include a questionnaire focused on school climate.  One of ESE's strategic priorities is to support students' social-emotional learning, health, and safety, and the agency is piloting the school climate questionnaire as a way to collect more information on those areas.  Students' responses to the questionnaire do not affect their MCAS scores, and students are free to answer all, some, or none of the questions on the questionnaire.  A frequently asked questions document about the questionnaire is posted online. Parents who would like to see the questionnaire should contact their principal or superintendent.

POSSESSIONS AT SCHOOL.....Consistent with the wording in the Westford Public Schools Elementary Student Handbook  electronic devices shouldn't be used at school.  In addition to this area I'm requesting that students leave slime at home.  This will eliminate potential staining of clothes and possible skin problems to students handling this substance.

A) Wednesday 4/5/17- Grade five Human Growth & Development sessions (parent permission needed to participate); 8:45 to 9:45 AM (male students) and 9:45 to 10:45 AM (female students)
B) Wednesday 4/5/17- Early Release Day- Day School dismisses students at 11:40 AM dismissal
C) Thursday 4/6/17- G5 ELA MCAS testing session #3; starts at 8:45 AM
D) Thursday 4/6/17- Fresh Start Gardens- grades three and four student plantings (to be rescheduled due to forecast of rain)
E  Friday 4/7/17- G4 ELA MCAS testing session #1; starts at 8:45 AM
F) Friday 4/7/17- Fresh Start Gardens- grades five student plantings
G) Friday 4/7/17- Grade five play- 7:00 PM at Day School (tickets need to be purchased)
E) Saturday 4/8/17- Grade five play “Dig It!”- 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM at Day School (tickets need to be purchased)
F) Monday 4/10/17- G4 ELA MCAS testing session #2; starts at 8:45 AM
G) Wednesday 4/12/17- Field Day Planning Team meeting- 7:30 AM in Day School Conference Room
H) Thursday 4/13/17- G4 ELA MCAS testing session #3; starts at 8:45 AM
I) Friday 4/14/17- 9:00 AM Day School students attend performance of “Dig It!”
J) Friday 4/14/17- Early Release Day- Day School students dismissed at 11:40 AM
K) Saturday 4/15/17 through Sunday 4/23/17- April school vacation week
L) Monday 4/24/17- School returns to session

Enjoy the remainder of the week!

Kevin Regan  

Norman E. Day School  |  75 East Prescott Street, Westford, MA 01886  |  ph: 978-692-5591  |  fx: 978-692-8476

Westford Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or homelessness.